Filming Production in Zagreb, Croatia

Using film permits in Zagreb can be tricky, especially if you aren’t familiar with how the Croatian permit system works. Here are some things to know before you arrive in Zagreb, Croatia to shoot your next film or television show.

The Best Locations for Filming In Zagreb

Finding a location to film production can be difficult when you’re filming abroad. But it turns out there are so many great locations to consider that filming in Zagreb can be an incredible experience. Here’s where you should begin your search for shooting spots; see what works for you. Be sure to make proper applications for filming permits before searching for locations or ask for help from a croatian production house . Filming permits are controlled by one governmental organization and one only: Hrvatska radiotelevizija (Croatian Radiotelevision), found at ul Duje Bušića 5. The application process is quite simple, but they require that all filming and photography projects meet certain criteria.

Most importantly: if you want to obtain a permit for National Park Brijuni archipelago or several other protected natural areas such as Kornati Islands or Mljet National Park, you need not apply for permit from HRT but directly from authorized offices of Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection which is located on Pantovcak 10 street in Zagreb. Other must-have permit information includes contact information for production company; name of director; name and surname of head producer, project title and intended broadcasting time slot (if applicable). If you wish to change any information after obtaining permit, please notify office of changes via phone or e-mail. This process does take time—but once you get started it won’t seem long at all! Film crew permitting isn’t just about deciding where to shoot—it also includes knowing how much traffic is on those streets!

How to Get Permits for Filming In Zagreb

With a wide range of stunningly beautiful landscapes, it’s no wonder that Zagreb is fast becoming a popular destination for television and film crews. If you want to know how to get permits for filming in Zagreb as well as how much it will cost you, check out these tips below! We also have other information on where to find and use film locations in Zagreb: from Srednjaci island through several locations in Novi Zagreb, so be sure to read further down if you are interested!

What Type of Crew Do I Need?

No matter what type of production you’re undertaking—from a major Hollywood production to your own viral video—you’ll need a lot of different types of people on set. But here are some key players you will need no matter what: Crew members such as directors, producers and managers ensure that everything is running smoothly during filming. If you don’t have these professionals onboard, it will be hard to get your project off the ground and keep it on schedule. Before hiring any crew, make sure you know exactly what skills they’ll bring to your production. Of course, location scouts help plan out locations before shooting begins so that everyone knows where they should go when cameras start rolling. It’s also important to consider hair and makeup artists who can make actors look their best for close-ups (when flaws are most visible) or smooth out sweaty foreheads for long takes under hot lights. Depending on your production, you may need stunt doubles, camera operators and assistants and more. Whatever kind of film or production you’re working on, it’s always smart to think through each job carefully and then source qualified people with specific skill sets to fill those needs. There are countless makeup artist/stunt double/camera operator/etc job boards online where you can find experts with local experience for whatever production services you might require.

Where Can I find Location Scouts?

It’s necessary to work with a location scout to find and secure locations that can be used for filming. Location scouts typically charge an hourly rate, although some may also charge by day. The average cost of location scouting per day is $750-$1,000; however higher-priced locations (such as national parks) can cost thousands of dollars. Before you hire a location scout, it’s important to know how they will be paid and what their fee structure is like. Because most businesses have smaller budgets than major film studios, many producers use local scouting services rather than professional scouts who travel around the world. Local scouts don’t have a large network or experience working on big-budget productions, but they offer affordable rates.